The course is marked for pre-riding. The start loop will be flagged on October 9. The next lap will be marked on Friday October 21. There are lots of twists and turns in the trees- Garmin, Strava and other GPS devices to not capture the full milage. The milage listed is from a wheel mounted cyclocomputer and is accurate.

Letters on the map are course marshal stations.

S1, S2, etc are spectator viewing areas- see map and description below.

Kerrville Schreiner Park trail map on Trailforks

For 2022 the race course will go in a counterclockwise direction- maps below are 2021 clockwise. These will be updated summer 2022

Race Course Maps:

2021 10U/12U race course – 2022 goes in a counterclockwise direction, same trail  map on Trailforks

6 Mile Web (Medium)

2021 Category race course –

2022 goes in a counterclockwise direction, same trail

map on Trailforks

11 Mile Web (Medium)

Adult/ Junior Team Time Trial-

2022 goes in a counterclockwise direction, same trail

TT Web (Medium)

Spectator Viewing Course Map- Details:

The Spectator loop is counter clockwise around the 2 mile paved road of the park- up the hill then down the hill. There is a dirt road extension that takes you back to SP6 that will add another mile. (SP5 for 10/12 adds about ¼ mile). The signs are YELLOW and have SP then the number. See Picture. Where there is an arrow, go that direction until you come to tape-there won’t be another sign- the viewing areas are the same as most of the course marshal stations.

10/12– SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP8, SP9, SP10, SP11

Cat 1, 2, 3– SP2, SP3, SP4, SP6, SP7*, SP8, SP9, SP10, SP11

The SP1, SP2 signs are in the order that the riders will be in those spots. SP1 and SP5 are spots for the 10/12 race course.

10/12– Start at SP1 then haul butt across the field to the start of everyone else’s race to SP2. Cat 1, 2, 3 – Start at SP2 you will see the start and then the racers will go into the single track.

All from SP2– If you start pedaling up the road right away you’ll see them 250’ around the corner. Next time seeing them will be SP3 when they cross the road. After they dip into the single-track again you’ll continue up the road looking to the left. The trail twists and turns through Quiet Riot and you’ll see your racer 6 times when the trail comes near the road. 15 minutes- give or take for rider ability and speed- your racer will be at SP4. If you book it you still have some climbing to do on the road and keep looking left to catch the racers through the trees. Start the descent and head in at the sign for SP 5, 6, 7, 8.

10/12 – If you’re really fast you can see your 10/12 racer at SP5, but if your speed is slower head to SP8 and they will be there shortly. If you do SP5 you won’t make SP8.

Cat 1, 2, 3– Head onto the jeep road back to SP6. Once you see your racer you’ll come right back out the same road. If you do SP7 you’ll probably miss them the rest of the way. Go to SP8 after SP6 and wait about 15 minutes to see them.

All racers- Head downhill to SP9 looking left again to catch a glimpse or two. From SP9, go to SP10, watch them cross the road the down the hill to SP11. Across the entire grassy area through Curley Fries you will see your racer and be in perfect position to watch them come across the finish line! Great Job!!

Spectator Web (Medium)

Warm Up Map: 

This map shows how to get to the Kerrville River Trail through the Riverside section of Kerrville Schreiner Park. The complementary gate code for Saturday and Sunday only is 9000#. You can warm up for your race on the River Trail but be mindful of other trail users. You can also warm up on the 2 mile paved road around the Park- see Spectator Map.

Warm Up Web (Medium)

Pre-Ride Information: 

The trails will be open every day for pre-riding Sunrise to Sunset. Yearly park pass available for $50. 

Saturday October 22, 2022- The XC course will be open except for the delays on small sections of trail during these following events: 

4:00 pm- 5:00 pm: Adult/ Junior Team Time Trail – Deerfield Loop. Racers will have the right of way over Pre-riders.

5:30 pm-6 pm– Unicycle Crit- Curley Fries. Racers will have the right of way over Pre-riders.

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